Monsoon PHP Framework

Monsoon PHP is an open-source and free PHP web framework that assists developers in creating a secure application rapidly. You can maintain your Application’s code, as well as your REST API and CLI based scripts in a single codebase with Monsoon .

Download .zip file  Code on Github See Documentation

Monsoon is the framework for you, if

  • you love core PHP with (H)MVC Architecture
  • you love HTML in view files, not any template engines
  • you love plain SQL queries in the models, not the ORM way
  • you love automatic routing in your application, not a big list of routing rules
  • you want to cut down the execution cycle rapidly with out interference from some black box
  • you need a light-weight and secure structure, not an extra-terrestrial structure


  • PSR-1, PSR-2 and PSR-4
  • Model-View-Controller pattern
  • PDO (MySQL)
  • Composer
  • Docker
  • PHPUnit